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"May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears"                   - Nelson Mandela

Hello, I am a Biotech Innovation Strategy Leader on a mission to transform the way that we understand and treat human health by leveraging the emerging revolutions in computational biology, information technology, and advanced algorithms (aka 'Digital Transformation').


The intersection of these three trends is about to empower scientists to describe biological systems with the same mathematical accuracy that is achievable for physical systems.


We are entering an era of understanding just how truly biological life, and we as human beings, are Strangers in a Strange Land* when it comes to our interpretation of reality in general and biology in particular.   


I am personally and deeply driven by an interest in maximizing ethics-driven business profitability from the innovation rennasaince that is beginning to unfold as the data and biology revolutions meet and build on one another.  You can take a look at my professional resume in the About section.  


Get your grokking* glasses ready folks and, whatever you do


If you're as thrilled about these topics as I am check out my blog and



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* Did my nerdy science fiction references pique your interest?